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Nightfall Comics & Games

Welcome to Nightfall Comics & Games Burlington, IA

Awesm1 Comic Books & More offers a mix of Comic book related items to include the following & more. Please let us know the products you would like and we WILL stock those items. The following list is not all of the items we carry and we will be adding tons of different stuff over the next month!

  • New and used comic books.
  • Figures, statues/ related toys
  • Posters
  • Comic book supplies, storage supplies, i.e., bags and boards and boxes
  • Miniature collectible games/ collectable trading card games
  • Movie Dvds/comic music cds
  • Digital dvds of comics
  • Art prints (different artist collectable  art prints)
  • In house original comic books, drawings
  • Gaming loft to accommodate all sorts of gamers and supplies